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Philippines FDA Regulates E-Portal Applications Payment Period

  •   27 Apr 2018
  •    Hedy He
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    Philippines FDA released a Circular to regulate the period of E-Portal applications payment.

    Philippines FDA recently released a Circular regulating that starting from Apr 28 2018, applications of clients filed through FDA E-Portal are processed only after payment of the amount due has been made. All applications shall be paid within thirty calendar days from the filing thereof. Failure to pay the amount within the specified time shall subject the application to automatic cancellation. Applications currently filed with the FDA prior to Apr 28 2018 shall also be subject to the 30 days grace period.

    The circular was released because a substantial number of applications submitted on E-Portal have not been paid after filing. Therefore FDA implements this policy to ensure that only valid applications will be entered by clients in the system and to improve application processing efficiency.

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