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South Korea Colorants: Newly Proposed Colorants & an Overview of Regulation Changes

Two cosmetic color additives are drafted. A compendium of colorant requirement updates in 2020 is collected.

On December 2, 2020, MFDS unveiled a draft of Types, Standards, and Test Methods of Cosmetic Color Additives [1] for public opinions. Stakeholders can send suggestions to seodh@korea.kr before December 22.

Main Proposals

1. Addition of Lycopene of Two New Origins

The exposure draft brought up the notion of adding colorants derived from synthetic materials and microorganism: The chemical synthesis of Lycopene ii via Wittig reaction, and the Lycopene iii extracted from “Blakeslea trispora”.

2. Other Amendments

  1. The vague expressions about the verification test of "Mica" is changed.

  2. The Color Index No. of "Dibromofluorescein" is amended from "CI 45370:1" to "CI 45370".

  3. The "Beta-Carotene" is added with a new Color Index No. "CI 40800" and its verification test is optimized.

  4. Two reagents and two solutions are approved for the general test of cosmetic color additives.

Although only a few amendments were proposed, the permission of synthesis Lycopene and Lycopene originated from microorganisms can be seen as an innovation. As stipulated in the present regulation, the Lycopene permitted for cosmetic is a natural color additive. Additionally, most of the notified colorants are from natural sources.


  Expert Opinions

Mike Shon
[2], Korea Cosmetic Expert & REACH24H General Manager, explained that the "extraction from the natural materials," "chemical production," and "production in microorganisms" are the three general approaches for getting additives in Europe.

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