Taiwan Amends Requirement for Titanium Dioxide in Cosmetics

  •   20 Apr 2017
  •    Jo Zhou

    Take home:

    Taiwan FDA amended the provision of controlling titanium dioxide in cosmetics last week.

    Cosmetics which contain titanium dioxide (concentration within 25%, exclude Nano sprayers) are designated as general cosmetics, and don’t require registration. In this circumstance, already registered cosmetics don’t have to renew their certificate after expiration. When cosmetics contain both titanium dioxide and Nano titanium dioxide, the total concentration cannot surpass 25%.

    Cosmetics which contain titanium dioxide (concentration exceeding 25%) or sprayers contain Nano titanium dioxide are still regarded as medicated cosmetics and registration is required. For registration, a new chemical compound ingredient technical specification should be provided.

    When a cosmetic with titanium dioxide is designated as a sunscreen, and the manufacturer has claimed or labeled its SPF, an SPF test report should be prepared by the manufacturing plant or retailers for reference by TFDA.