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Taiwan Details Labeling Requirements for Cosmetic Packaging, Containers, Labels and Directions

  •   13 Feb 2019
  •    Hedy He
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    TFDA standardizes the labeling of cosmetics and clarifies items that should be labeled on cosmetic outer packages and containers.

    On Jan 31, 2019, TFDA consulted on 2 draft cosmetic regulations: “Labeling Requirements for Cosmetic Packaging, Containers, Labels or Directions” and “Establishment Standards for Cosmetics Manufactory”. The original “Regulations of Labeling Cosmetics Label, Leaflet and Packaging” and “Name of All Ingredients Contained in the Product Should Be Indicated on the Outer Packaging” will be repealed on May 2, 2020. Products manufactured before May 2, 2020 are allowed to be sold until the expiry date.

    Cosmetic stakeholders with any suggestions or comments can send to us (cosmetic@chemlinked.com) before Mar 23, 2019. We will sort your suggestion, submit them to TFDA and forward their reply to you.

    1. Labeling Requirements for Cosmetic Packaging, Containers, Labels or Directions (effective on May 2, 2020)

    The draft specifies the format, method and other compliance matters of cosmetic packaging, containers, labels and instructions, clearly stipulates mandatory labeling items on the outer packaging and the container, the font size of the labels and adds some new terms. The main amendments are as follows:

    1) Items should be labeled on cosmetic outer packages and containers after amendments:

    1. Product name (it shall be conspicuously labeled on both outer package and container)
    2. Usages
    3. Applications and storage method
    4. Net weight, capacity of content or quantity
    5. Full ingredients (special-use cosmetics should label the content of special-use ingredients)
    6. Precautions
    7. Name, address, phone number of manufacturer or importer; Origin of imported cosmetics
    8. Date of manufacture and validity period or storage life, or validity period and storage life
    9. Batch number
    10. Other items that announced by the central competent authority

    2) For cosmetics with an outer package area less than 30 square centimeters or no outer packages but product net weight or capacity of content is less than 50g/ml, at least 4 items (product name, usages, manufacturer/importer name, date of manufacture and validity period) are required to be labeled on the instruction, label or tag.

    3) The ingredients should be ranked according to their concentration from high to low. If the ingredient’s concentration is less than or equal to 1% or it is a colorant used in a makeup product, it may be arbitrarily arranged after the ingredients whose content is more than 1%.

    4) The date of manufacture and validity period shall be labeled on the outer package, container or label by imprinting or printing with permanent ink.

    TFDA announced that for cosmetics imported by re-packagers or sub-packagers, the outer packaging or container shall indicate the designation “Re-packaged in Taiwan”, “Sub-packaged in Taiwan”, “臺灣分裝” or “臺灣改裝”. This announcement will be effective 1 year after the implementation of Cosmetic Hygiene Safety Administration Act.

    2. Establishment Standards for Cosmetics Production Facilities 

    Establishment Standards for Cosmetics Production Facilities was firstly implemented on Jan 11, 1974. After 2 revisions, the amendment was released and implemented on Apr 30, 2008. The latest draft released on Jan 31, 2019 will be effective once Cosmetic Hygiene Safety Administration Act is effective. It revises the requirements for factory settings, interior layout, storage area for ingredients and semi-finished products, etc.

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