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Three Trends in Japan’s Cosmetic Sector amid COVID-19

Japan’s beauty trends are shifting given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with consumer’s soaring interest in male, face care, and anti-aging products.

The COVID-19 crisis has shocked the beauty industry in Japan, affecting many segments such as makeups, skin care, hair care, sunscreens, and perfumes. Due to months of lockdown and international travel bans, the beauty market has stagnated with steep sales decline and wide store closures. Consumer’s purchase and use behaviors have also changed dramatically.

To help enterprises better meet consumer’s changing demand, win more market shares, and withstand the impact of the ongoing pandemic, this article lists three noteworthy beauty trends in Japan.

The Increasingly Shaping Demand in Male Cosmetics Market

In recent years, more and more people (youth in particular) upload male-care-related videos and photos on SNS. According to a "male makeup questionnaire"1 conducted by SHISEIDO for men aged between 20 and 50, males attach more and more importance to their appearance nowadays. We have no reason to ignore the potential of this market. 

Would you like to do makeup.png

(A total of 221 men who have never made up were questioned)

The Fuji Keizai Group revealed that the Japan male cosmetics market’s gross value was 118 billion yen in 2018 and 119.6 billion yen in 2019, with an increase of approximately 1.4%. The male face-care products were the top performing segment, growing by nearly 6 billion yen from 2017 to 2019.

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