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Trends Hub: 1k+ New Products Hit Taobao Maker Festival 2019

  •   19 Sep 2019
  •    Shine Hu
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    A rocket model printed with the name of the festival is seen outside the venue of the Taobao Maker Festival 2019.

    The 4th Taobao Maker Festival commenced last Thursday in Hangzhou. The 14-day offline carnival for innovative products attracts hundreds of thousands of guests and huge attention from the media.

    Photo show the venue of the Taobao Maker Festival 2019 .

    This Taobao Maker Festival is predicted to be the largest, most attended one to date. Over 400 shops are presenting more than 1,000 innovative goods, from areas such as science and technology, national cultural heritage, fashion design and tasty delicacies for all the foodies in attendance.

    Photo shows the interior design of the venue of the Taobao Maker Festival 2019. Each shop has its distinct layout and style.

    The following are some highlights selected by ChemLinked editors in attendance at this year’s festival.

    Lancôme Showroom

    Lancôme is showcasing its second generation of Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate in this year’s Taobao Maker Festival. The product is one of the most important for Lancôme, who will be extremely happy it has been clicking with Chinese consumers. The product has been given an approachable Chinese name “Little Black Bottle” based on its appearance.

    The new product is promoted as “Microbiological Skin Care”, which is right on the money in terms of trends towards probiotic skincare designed to enhance our natural barrier protection and optimize the skins natural flora.

    Photo shows a wall of Lancôme’s second generation of Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate for visitors to try on during the Taobao Maker Festival 2019.

    A visitor is experiencing the interactive telephone booth inside the Lancôme Showroom during the Taobao Maker Festival 2019.

    A visitor is using a skin text machine inside the Lancôme Showroom during the Taobao Maker Festival 2019.

    Rocket Restaurant

    The rocket restaurant is also a headline-grabbing attraction during this year’s festival. It is built from the wreckage of the Long March II-F Rocket which carried the Tiangong II and Shenzhou-11 spacecraft and offers patrons an extremely unique space and a variety of gastronomical dining experiences within.

    Photo shows people are waiting in a queue to step inside the rocket restaurant.

    Photo shows the outside scene of the rocket restaurant.

    Robot Elements

    A science fiction theme underpins this year’s science and tech area of the festival which plays host to a huge variety of state-of-the-art robot technologies. Here, robots can cook, bartend, play musical instruments and sing Chinese traditional shadow plays.

    A robot is seen playing the musical instruments during the Taobao Maker Festival 2019.

    Bespoke Service

    Bespoke services and individualized products seem to be an unstoppable trend in China. In the digital clothing lab booth, visitors can choose cloth and patterns using a digital interface, and then virtually try on their own designs in 3D using the AR smart mirror. If the clothing looks good, consumers can place an order directly through Taobao by scanning the QR code.

    Fancy Designs

    Imaginative designs can be seen everywhere inside the Taobao Maker Festival venue. People’s daily bags made in the shapes of seasoning packets or snacks like spring rolls or pancakes. Candles transformed into the shapes of cupcakes, candies, and ice creams. Endless imagination and creativity are on display within the festival.

    Photo shows bags in different shapes attract visitors.

    Photo shows candles in shapes of cupcakes, candies, and ice creams.

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