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Zhejiang Releases 3 New In-vitro Test Standards for Cosmetics

Zhejiang province has taken a significant step towards phasing out reliance on animal testing for cosmetic finished products.

On November 19, Zhejiang Health Products and Cosmetics Industry Association (ZHCA) newly approved 3 group standards of cosmetic testing alternative methods. The development of these standards was spearheaded by Zhejiang Institute for Food and Drug Control in cooperation with some leading cosmetic companies, including Proya, Amway (China) and Mary Kay (China).

Currently, the full text of these three standards has not been released. According to the drafts, the standards are all designed for finished products and specify the normative references, test principle, test materials and reagents, test apparatus, test procedures, and results judgment criteria of the in-vitro skin/eye irritation test. These standards shall come in effect on February 20, 2020.

No.Chinese NameEnglish NameStandard Code
1染发类化妆品眼刺激性试验体外测试方法--牛角膜浑浊和渗透性试验Method of eye irritation test in vitro for hair dye cosmetic products -- Bovine Corneal Opacity and Permeability TestT/ZHCA 007-2018
2眼霜类化妆品眼刺激性试验体外测试方法--鸡胚绒毛膜尿囊膜血管试验Method of eye irritation test in vitro for eye cream cosmetic products——Chorioallantoic Membrane Vascular AssayT/ZHCA 008-2018
3面霜类化妆品皮肤刺激性试验体外测试方法--重建皮肤模型体外刺激试验Method of skin irritation test in vitro for face cream cosmetic products -- In Vitro Skin Irritation Test with Reconstructed Skin ModelT/ZHCA 009-2018

In general, group standards refer to a series of voluntary standards established or adopted by a professional association or body. Group standards can often precede the formulation of relevant national standards or industrial specifications.

Hence, the release of the three group standards will promote the development of national standards for alternative testing methods for cosmetic finished products. Notably, the new standards have no effect on current business activities. Cosmetic products manufactured by overseas enterprises still require mandatory animal testing before entering China via general trade.

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