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  • Paul O'Brien

    Death to Daigou: Analyzing China's E-Commerce Law

     10 Dec 2018  Regulation  8

    Importantly the E-commerce Law specifies the legal liabilities for each stakeholder. However, a significant distinction should be noted in the emphasis placed on the punitive measures for individual operators and the punishments...
  • Paul O'Brien

    Demystifying China e-commerce, Crossborder e-commerce and Daigou: Laws, Rules, Regs and Implications for International Stakeholders

     10 Dec 2018  Regulation  20

    At the very beginning, our readers shall distinguish what is Daigou, and what is called CBEC. Daigou has and always will refer to illegal activities, specifically the use of unofficial import channels to illegally sell imported...
  • Nurmia Agustina

    Cosmetics Registration in Vietnam

     16 Nov 2018  Regulation  177

    According to data from the National Trade Center (ITC) and the World Bank (WB), Vietnam’s imports of cosmetic products have risen to US$1.1 billion in 2016, double that of 2011. The value is forecasted to reach US$2.2 billion by...
  • Nurmia Agustina

    Detailing Standards of Cosmetics Labeling, Claim and Advertisement in Indonesia

     25 Sep 2018  Regulation  315

    With Indonesia's growing middle class and increasingly prosperous consumers, the country’s cosmetic sector has performed well up until 2018. According to Indonesia's BPOM (National Agency of Drug and Food Control)...
  • Nurmia Agustina

    4 Pitfalls of the Indonesian Cosmetic Market

     9 Aug 2018  Market  365

    As the 4th largest nation in terms of population and boasting a rapidly expanding middle class, Indonesia undoubtedly offers lucrative investment potentials for the global cosmetic sector...
  • Nurmia Agustina

    What You Need to Know about Compulsory Halal Certification in Indonesia

     11 May 2018  Regulation  879

    Effective from October 11, 2017, the Religious Affairs Ministry (MORA) has founded the Halal Products Certification Agency or Halal Product Assurance Implementing Board (BPJPH) as the sole halal certification body – three years...
  • Josephine Zhou

    Halal Cosmetics Market Rapid Growth Requires Further Regulatory Development

     6 Mar 2018  Market  874

    Halal cosmetics are a rapidly developing niche of the halal and mainstream market. The 100% natural ingredients commitment of halal products also attracts many non-Muslims. The increased popularity of these products requires...
  • Josephine Zhou

    [Conference Exclusive] 2017 China Cosmetic Market Data Analysis and Predictions

     6 Mar 2018  Market  852

    During Sep. 19th -22nd 2017, the China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries (CAFFCI) held its annual conference during which market, regulatory trends and forecasts were revealed. Cosmetic sale growth rate...
  • Giacomo Cirillo

    Current Trends in China's Male Cosmetics Market

     6 Mar 2018  Market  684

    Male Cosmetic is still an underdeveloped sector of China's cosmetic industry but there is huge room for future development. In this article we will talk about the characteristics of this market and provide a case study of...
  • Josephine Zhou

    Bright Prospects for International Cosmetic Enterprise in Vietnam

     6 Mar 2018  Market  498

    As an important emerging economy Vietnam is now being recognized as a destination offering great potential for investment. For the cosmetics industry one of the most enticing aspects of Vietnam's market is the significant growth...