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Beauty in the Digital Age: Mastering Social Media to Capture Southeast Asia's Cosmetics Buyers

Manouchka Elefant
Thursday , 13th Jul 2023
BIGi Agency

The cosmetic market in Southeast Asia is experiencing an unprecedented boom, fueled by a growing standard of living and an increasingly discerning consumer base. Consumers in this region are deliberate in their brand choices and actively seek products that align with their values. With their eyes glued to social media platforms, it's the perfect time for cosmetic brands to strategically enter the market and promote their brands via these influential channels.

Manouchka Elefant, Founder of BIGi Agency, will be your guide on this introductory journey to SEA’s cosmetics buyers. Through this webinar, you will gain a comprehensive market overview and understand the unique preferences and purchasing behaviors of Southeast Asian consumers.


  • Please feel free to send us questions before, during or after the webinar;

  • The presentation deck and recording video will be uploaded to this webpage after the webinar;

  • If you can't attend the live webinar, register anyway and we will send you the webinar materials as soon as they’re available.


1. SEA market overview

2. Understanding the main channels

3. Crafting a winning social media strategy

4. Best practice for content creation

5. Influencer marketing and collaborations

6. Maximizing advertising and targeting capabilities

  • Experienced digital marketer & CEO
    Manouchka Elefant is an experienced digital marketer and serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping brands unlock their full potential. A strategic doer, she has successfully guided numerous clients in navigating the complexities of the digital marketing landscape. As the founder of BIGi Agency, Manouchka combines her global perspective and deep understanding of Southeast Asian markets to deliver tailored digital marketing strategies that drive business growth and capture the attention of buyers in the region.
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