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Southeast Asia Focus: How to Export Cosmetics to Indonesia

Irene Djalim
Thursday , 16th Sep 2021
Tilleke & Gibbins

Indonesia, with a population of 270 million, is the largest market in Southeast Asia, and has a thriving cosmetics industry in which foreign products are very popular. Due to the vast consumer base and increasing income levels, the Indonesian beauty and personal care market has already reached 7 billion USD and is still in rapid expansion. Local brands alone cannot meet the demands for beauty products from the growing middle class, and the popularity of social media has enabled young consumers to quickly discover new brands from around the world, increasing demand.

Despite this, there is no dominant cosmetics brand in the Indonesian market, presenting more business opportunities for brands looking to enter Indonesia. However, this huge market potential coexists with complex compliance requirements. The Indonesian FDA (BPOM) requires cosmetics to be approved for registration, and a certificate SKI Post Border is mandatory for exporting cosmetics. To navigate stakeholders through the legal framework, requirements, and restrictions of exporting cosmetic products to Indonesia, leading Southeast Asian law firm Tilleke & Gibbins, in collaboration with ChemLinked, will host a webinar to address these issues and assist companies in their efforts to comply with local laws.

During this webinar, Ms. Irene Djalim, manager of the regulatory affairs department at Tilleke & Gibbins’Jakarta office, will provide an overview of the regulatory landscape for cosmetics registration in Indonesia, cover the procedures and requirements for cosmetics registration, address advertisement controls, and address the practical considerations for cosmetic operators looking to export to Indonesia. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers live.

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webinar-530-300-materials1x-1.pngWho Should Attend

  • Cosmetic companies whose target market is Indonesia or ASEAN countries; or

  • Companies who are interested in Indonesian or ASEAN cosmetic regulations; or

  • Cosmetic companies who want to increase competitiveness level and win Indonesian consumers.

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  • Live Q&A

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  • Manager of Regulatory Affairs at Tilleke & Gibbins Indonesia
    Irene Djalim is the manager of the regulatory affairs department in Tilleke & Gibbins’ Jakarta office. With a strong technical background and detailed knowledge of Indonesian intellectual property law, Irene handles prosecution of patent applications in mechanical, chemical, and pharmaceutical fields, in which she helps inventors protect their innovations. She prepares and files applications for patents, petty patents, and industrial design patents, prosecutes the patents until they are granted, and maintains the patents after they are granted. Irene also regularly performs patent searches as well as freedom-to-operate analyses and infringement assessments. Irene has provided regulatory advice on product registration of traditional medicine in Indonesia with the Indonesian FDA (BPOM). She graduated with a degree in chemical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and obtained a Magister Akuntansi from Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Indonesia. Prior to specializing in patent work, she had experience working in a United States government agency and an automotive manufacturing facility in Indonesia. Irene is a registered IP consultant in Indonesia.