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China Cosmetic Compliance: Practical Guidance on Ingredient Submission Code Application

Jay Park, Rose Hong, Wendy Wang
Thursday , 20th Jan 2022

As per the Provisions for Management of Cosmetic Registration and Notification Dossiers that came into effect on May 1, 2021, when applying for registration or notification, cosmetic registrants or notifiers shall provide safety-related information of ingredients used in the product. Considering the complexity of the required documents, NMPA also gives a solution, which is ingredient submission code. With this code, the registrants or notifiers can directly associate ingredient safety information by filling in it to complete the registration and notification application, which could make the application more convenient and effective.

On December 31, 2021, China NMPA launched the Cosmetic Ingredient Safety Information Submission Platform, which enables cosmetic ingredient manufacturers or their authorized companies to obtain an ingredient submission code after submitting ingredient safety-related information. Overseas companies can also log in the platform to apply for the code by themselves. In the future, NMPA will definitely promote the use of submission code. Cosmetic product companies will also prefer to use ingredients with the code because it can help facilitate their registration and notification process.

To help global cosmetic stakeholders better understand the ingredient submission code and comply with relevant regulatory requirements, ChemLinked invited Ms. Wendy Wang, the technical expert from REACH24H to share her insights on the topic. In the webinar, she will firstly explain the definition and function of ingredient submission code, then specify the compliance requirements for ingredient submission code application, and also introduce the precautions for the application.

Notably, same content in Korean and Japanese will be held by Mr. Jay Park and Ms. Rose Hong, respectively to facilitate the attendance of audiences from different language backgrounds.

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1. Background

2. Basic Knowledge of Cosmetic Ingredient Submission Code

  2.1 Definition

  2.2 Eligible Applicants

  2.3 Characteristics

  2.4 Required Documents

  2.5 Detailed Procedures

3. Regulatory Requirements for Ingredients Safety Information

4. Ingredient Submission Requirements for Transition Period

  *The final outline may be subjected to subtle revision

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  • Researcher
    Heejae Park graduated from Seoul National University of Science and Technology (Seoultech), majoring in Environmental Engineering. He joined the REACH24H consulting group in 2021. He focuses on cosmetics compliance services such as ECI code registration, INCI registration and regulatory reviews.
  • ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
    Rose Hong is an analyst in ChemLinked and focusing on track, research and analysis on laws and regulations on the Food and Cosmetics of Japan. She has published several news and news tickers, especially in those sectors: food safety, food additives, beverages, FCM, and food labeling.
  • BD Manager
    Wendy Wang graduated from Jiangnan University, majored in cosmetics and natural product chemistry. She has studied the cosmetics regulations in China and the Asia-Pacific region in depth, specializing in the China cosmetic and new cosmetic ingredients registration and notification, and is expert at coping with difficulties in the registration and notification of imported cosmetics.