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How to Export Cosmetics to the EU (+UK): A Step by Step Approach to Compliance

  •   18 Apr 2019
  •    Hedy He
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    The European cosmetic products market, with a value of € 80 billion, is certainly an attractive target for every company. In addition to brand importation, the European market is also interesting for third-party producers that can take charge of manufacturing commissions. At the same time, exploration of the EU market is a challenge, as the complex regulatory structure, restructured in 2013 and constantly implemented, often poses obstacles that can hinder and discourage companies. Knowledge of the critical issues is fundamental to implement a strategy that makes exportation to Europe perfectly achievable.

    In this webinar, ChemLinked invited Mr. Matteo Zanotti Russo, the owner and founder of Angel Consulting to detail the EU (+UK) cosmetic regulations, including the basis of the EU regulation, the differences between EU and Chinese approval procedures, the detailed procedures of exporting cosmetics to EU (+UK), common mistakes and best practice during the exportation, etc.


    1. Background: The Basis of the EU Regulation and the Difference between EU and Chinese Approval Procedures
    2. The Requirements
    3. What to do, Step by Step
    4. Common Mistakes and Best Practice: How to Make it Easy

    *We encourage webinar attendees to raise questions ahead of the webinar. All questions will be addressed during the webinar or after.


    sunscreensMatteo Zanotti Russo  International Regulation Compliance Specialist

    Matteo Zanotti Russo is graduated in Industrial Chemistry at Bologna University. Owner and founder of Angel Consulting, a consultancy company located in Italy, author of several publications and co-author of Harry’s Cosmeticology. He collaborates with trade associations in Europe, Russia, Israel, Brazil and with numerous universities; he teaches cosmetic legislation at the University of Genoa, Siena, Rome and Tel Aviv. It coordinates a structure of about 12 experts with whom it follows about 200 cosmetic companies from all over the world. To help Asian cosmetic companies, he has a partnership with REACH24H Consulting Group.

    Who Shall Attend

    • Any manager, supervisor and employee who has a responsibility for export commercial development
    • Any professionals eager to be acquainted with European regulations

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    Contact Information

    If you have any question about this webinar, please contact us:
    Tel: +86 (0)571 8609 4444
    Email: contact@chemlinked.com 

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