Road to Cosmetic Business in Japan: Introduction of Practical Guidelines of Japanese Cosmetic Rules

Yosuke “Sunny” Okamura
Thursday , 20th Feb 2020
Sunny Administrative Procedures Specialist Office

A lot of companies outside of Japan show interest in the Japanese cosmetic market. However, it seems they have difficulty in understanding the regulations associated with introducing cosmetics into the market due to the lack of information in English, and they often give up the business in Japan because of its unique and complicated administrative rules.

In this webinar, ChemLinked invited Mr. Yosuke“Sunny”Okamura, the representative of Sunny Administrative Procedures Specialist Office, to share some practical viewpoints necessary for starting cosmetic business in Japan.


1. Definition and categories of cosmetics in Japan
2. Practical viewpoint No.1: Administrative procedures required for importing cosmetics
3. Practical viewpoint No.2: Regulations associated with cosmetic ingredients
4. Practical viewpoint No.3: Japanese INCI and labelling requirements
5. Post-market surveillance

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  • Representative of Sunny Administrative Procedures Specialist Office
    Yosuke “Sunny” Okamura obtained Master’s Degree from the University of Stirling in Scotland, majored in TESOL. After building up career as an English teacher, he obtained “certified administrative procedures legal specialist (Gyoseishoshi) license, and opened his own practice as a professional of cosmetic affairs. He is now specialized in the regulations associated with importing cosmetic products into the Japanese market, as well as exporting overseas.