Understanding South Korean Custom Cosmetics Regulations and the Latest Regulatory Updates

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Tiger Kim
Thursday , 26th Mar 2020
Cosmetic Consulting

In recent years, the trend of product customization has prevailed worldwide. Consumers are increasingly demanding products that are formulated based on their unique physiology and individual requirements. To protect consumer rights, the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has issued a series of provisions to support and regulate the custom cosmetics industry, which will come into force on March 14, 2020. The new provisions will bring new opportunities and a more standardized custom cosmetics industry.

In this webinar, ChemLinked invited Mr. Tiger Kim, the president and CEO of South Korean Cosmetic Consulting, to detail the regulations on custom cosmetics, including their definitions, categories, requirements on ingredients, and business operators, and advice on regulatory compliance.


1. Custom Cosmetics

1.1 Overall Market Situation of Custom Cosmetics in South Korea

1.2 Custom Cosmetics Definition and Categories

1.3 Requirements on Ingredients

1.4 Requirements on Custom Cosmetics Sales Business

1.5 Advice on How Companies Should Comply with the Regulations

1.6 Prediction on the Future Development of Custom Cosmetics Regulation

2. South Korean Latest Cosmetic Regulation Updates

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  • President & CEO of Cosmetic Consulting
    Mr. Tiger Kim has extensive knowledge and over 26 years of experience in cosmetics industry. He worked for the Korea FDA and later on worked for Estee Lauder Korea in charge of cosmetics registration. Mr. Kim is currently the President of Cosmetic Consulting.