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CAIQ to Establish Representative Office in Korea

  •   11 Jul 2018
  •    Hedy He
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    In July 2018, CAIQ will set up a representative office in Korea, providing administrative license application and pre-quarantine services for cosmetic goods exported to China.

    According to a report published by Korean cosmetic media BeautyNury, in July Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine will designate “GJK International” as their representative office in Korea. The regional office will provide administrative license application and pre-quarantine services for cosmetics exported to China.

    Special-use cosmetics produced by Korean manufacturers are required to undergo rigorous testing and obtain an administrative license issued by SAMR before entering Chinese market. At present, it takes 6 months to 1 year to apply for an administrative license in China. Korean manufacturers need to entrust several intermediaries to obtain a license and complete the product testing, which requires a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. After the establishment of the representative office in Korea, the application time and cost of administrative license for this category of product will be reduced. The export of Korean cosmetics to China will be greatly expanded.

    In order to reduce losses caused by delays during customs clearance, pre-quarantine and product tracking services are also available in representative offices. Use of QR codes affixed to labels will also be offered to help increase product traceability in China.

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