Korea Establishes Cosmetic Risk Ranking for Recall System

  •   9 Nov 2017
  •    Jo Zhou


    For better implementation of its cosmetic recall scheme, Korea will classify recalled cosmetics based on risk level.

    MFDS will pre-decide the risk level of the cosmetic product and will assign corresponding recall and fining requirements based on this.

    The whole recall scheme includes:

    1. Set the risk level of recalled cosmetics
    2. Punishment rules for distributors not instituting recall within required schedule
    3. Expand the scope of waste product and the power of the government to issue mandatory recall of products
    4. Improve the management of cosmetic compliance issues

    Rather than just recall cosmetics that violate Korea’s cosmetic safety standard or that are prohibited to manufacture, import or sale; the new scheme authorizes the government to also recall products that are found to have issues during quality inspections, without a manufacturing record or other issues that may pose risks to public health.

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