[Conference Exclusive] Cosmetic Europe Suggest the Unification of Global Cosmetic Management

  •   29 Sep 2017
  •    Jo Zhou


    • During Sep. 19th -22nd 2017, the China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries (CAFFCI) held its annual conference in which important market and regulatory trends were discussed.
    • Cosmetic Europe offered an overview of current global cosmetic regulatory trends and suggested unifying global cosmetic management to increase competitiveness of the cosmetic industry.

    The director of technical and regulatory affairs of Cosmetic Europe, Gerald Renner gave a presentation on global cosmetic regulatory trends, in which he suggested unification of cosmetic management on a global level will benefit the development of the industry. The ultimate future for successful cosmetic companies is in the global market place rather than in confined national/regional markets.

    He also concluded that the success criteria relies on:

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