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Filing Management for Imported Non-special Cosmetics Expanded to Sichuan and Fujian

  •   4 Jan 2018
  •    Jo Zhou
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    The success of the Pudong imported, non-special cosmetic filing system has prompted government to expand the system to other provinces.

    Sichuan and Fujian now offer filing for imported non-special cosmetics until Dec.21st 2018. Like the Pudong system this will mean that eligible cosmetics imported through these areas will not require registration. Fujian first launched this trial on...

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    Hi Jo, can you confirm the news is from official notice? if yes, can you provide me the government website for check?
    Tuesday, 9 January 2018
    Hi Susan, The news derived from announcements of Sichuan and Fujian official portal, here are links: http://www.sc.gov.cn/10462/10464/13298/13301/2018/1/7/10442277.shtml Sichuan http://www.china-fjftz.gov.cn/article/index/aid/7815.html Fujian Hope it will help you.
    Wednesday, 10 January 2018