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2019 South Korea Cosmetic Regulatory Updates

2019 South Korea Cosmetic Regulatory Updates

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  • Publish Date:Jan 15, 2020
    Last Updated On:Jan 15, 2020

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ChemLinked 2019 Annual ReportsFee
2019 China Cosmetic Regulatory Updates$159
2019 China Taiwan Cosmetic Regulatory Updates$159
2019 South Korea Cosmetic Regulatory Updates$159
2019 Asia Pacific Animal Testing Regulatory Updates$129
2019 Cosmetic Ingredient Updates in China, Japan, South Korea and ASEAN$129
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2019 was an eventful year in South Korea's cosmetic sector, during which we witnessed many essential regulatory updates. South Korea introduced new regulations and standards for custom cosmetics and organic cosmetics, expanded the scope of cosmetics, adjusted the compliance requirements for functional and children cosmetics, and much more. These updates will be analyzed in this report.


Part 1 Natural and Organic Cosmetics
1.1 Natural and Organic Cosmetics Definitions
1.2 Natural and Organic Cosmetics Certification System
1.3 Dossiers Necessary for Certification
Part 2 Custom Cosmetics
2.1 Custom Cosmetics Categories
2.2 Prohibited Ingredients
2.3 Custom Cosmetic Sales Business Requirements
Part 3 Cosmetics Scope Expansion
3.1 New Labeling Regulation for Solid Soap
3.2 Enterprises' Requirements
Part 4 Functional Cosmetics
4.1 Functional Cosmetics Brief Introduction
4.2 Functional Cosmetics Safety and Efficacy Documentation Exemption Scope Expansion
4.3 Expand the Scope of Functional Cosmetics Requiring the Submission of a Report
Part 5 Children Cosmetics
5.1 Children Cosmetics Preservative Labeling
5.2 Children Cosmetics Safety Data
Part 6 Packaging and Labeling Requirements
6.1 Fragrance Allergens Labeling
6.2 Packaging Material Grade Labeling
6.3 Other Draft Amendments
Part 7 Cosmetics Risk Levels of Recalled Cosmetics
Part 8 Consumer Cosmetic Safety Management Supervisors
Part 9 Ingredient Requirement Changes
9.1 Prohibited Ingredients that are Newly Added
9.2 Restricted Ingredients Requirements Changes
9.3 Seven Ingredients that are Newly Permitted for Hair Dying Products
9.4 Six Ingredients that are Newly Approved for Functional Cosmetics
9.5 Colorants Requirements Changes
9.6 Other Ingredient Changes
Part 10 Guidelines for Animal Testing Alternative Methods Updates
10.1 Animal Testing Ban
10.2 Guidelines for Animal Testing Alternatives Released in 2019
10.3 All the 21 Guidelines for Animal Testing Alternative Methods
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