Getting Started on Tmall Global

Getting Started on Tmall Global

Basic Information
  • Author:Azoya
  • Pages:53
    Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
  • Publish Date:May 26, 2020
    Last Updated On:May 26, 2020

This report is designed to help international brands & retailers understand the intricacies of launching and scaling a store on Tmall Global, China’s largest import cross-border e-commerce platform.

The report covers basic information on set-up requirements, user base analysis, category breakdown, and crucial tips on how to drive sales. The reader will walk away with a basic understanding of how to get started selling on the platform.

Note: The report was first published by Azoya.


General Information

  • About Tmall Global

  • Categories & Brands

  • Users on Tmall Global

Practical Tips

  • Setting Up Store & Product Pages 

  • Driving Traffic/Sales 
    - Ads, Content, Livestreaming 
    - Campaigns

How Tmall Rates Your Store Summary