Detailing Standards of Cosmetic Packaging in China

  •   25 Jul 2017
  •    Jo Zhou

    Stakeholders who plan to export cosmetics to China should pay more attention to cosmetic packaging and learn Chinese regulations. China issued one “Requirements of packaging appearance for cosmetic products” and one “Requirements of restricting excessive package – foods and cosmetics” to regulate cosmetic packaging in appearance, form, each component’s standard, and restriction of package layers and interspace ratios. Compared with the other Asian countries, packaging requirements in China are more concrete, complicated and stricter. Here I attempt to clarify detailed requirements of cosmetic packaging in China.

    Classification of packaging:

    In China, cosmetic packages are classified into 10 categories by its forms and materials:

    1) Bottle (plastic bottle, glass bottle, etc.)

    2) Lid/ cover (outer lid/cover, inner lid/cover (plug, pad, and mask), etc.)

    3) Bag (paper bag, plastic bag, compound bag)

    4) Tube (plastic tube, compound tube, metal tube, etc.)

    5) Box (plastic carton, plastic box, metal box, etc.)

    6) Spraying jar (pressure proof aluminum jar, iron jar, etc.)

    7) Ingot pipe (lipstick, foundation pipe, mascara pipe, etc.)

    8) Cosmetic pencil

    9) Burner cap (air pressure type, pump type);

    10) Outer package (decorated package, plastic seal, middle package, shipment package, etc. )

    Materials applied to packaging must to safe and not harm human body.

    Requirements of packaging appearance

    1) Print and label stick