Mid-year Review in 2019: Market Analysis on China Cosmetics Industry

Ye Chen
Wednesday , 31st Jul 2019
REACH24H Consulting Group China

A number of big events happened in China cosmetics market in the first half of 2019. China's first E-commerce law enters into force; some cosmetics KOLs became famous overnight and promoted a new selling strategy; Administration Measures for filing of Non-special Use cosmetics (Draft) opens to public to collect opinions; 618 online shopping festival made a splash in China's market again and refreshed the records… It is a busy but fantastic half year.

This webinar is going to make a review of this half year from two aspects, marketing and policies, aiming to help participants gain a better understanding of present China’s cosmetic market.


1. Market overview

  • Economic environment

  • Data of the half year

2. Marketing analysis

  • Popular products

  • Popular brands

  • Analysis of consumers

3. New marketing strategies

  • Cross-border Cooperation

  • KOL cooperation

  • And etc

4. New policies review

  • The first E-commerce Law

  • The prohibition of EGF

  • And etc

5. Conclusion

*To have a better chance of your questions being addressed during the webinar, you’re welcome to email us the questions before the webinar.



Ye Chen  ChemLinked Research Analyst

Ye Chen  is a Research Analyst in the ChemLinked team. Her main responsibilities are to interpret, track, and analyze the latest cosmetic market changes in China and the rest of the Asia Pacific area.

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