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CFDA Review Experts Reiterate Important Cosmetic Registrations Requirements

  •   22 May 2018
  •    Winnie Xu
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    Former CFDA (now SAMR) review experts emphasized several cosmetic registration requirements. During a recent training course hosted by the SAMR on Cosmetic registration in Beijing, officials and technical review experts ...

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    ChemLinked Editor

    She has expertise in China cosmetic regulations especially in CBEC, cosmetic registration/filing compliance requirements.

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    Thanks for sharing! Have following questions: 1. Regarding 'It is required to mark the expiration date on the products; besides, relevant testing reports shall be submitted to prove it.' May I know 1) is there any change to the current two allowed practices: lot number + expiry date, or manufacturing date + shelf life?; 2) what kind of testing reports is needed to prove? currently no report is needed. 2. Regarding '4) It is prohibited to use plant name on the labels', May I understand why plant name is not allowed? current practice, the plant name appeared in the product name should have corresponding ingredient indication in the ingredient list, is there any change to this? thanks!
    Wednesday, 6 June 2018
    Thanks for your comment. On your first question, there is no change; on the second question, currently no testing is required. For some imported cosmetics such as products from EU area that can be used for more than 30 months, enterprises do not need to mark expiration date on products in accordance with local regulations. They are required to put a sign indicating “the effective time of use after opening” on the products. While in China, the mark of “expiration date” is a mandatory requirement when applying for registration/filing. Considering there are no specific expiration dates on the products, review experts question the reliability of the imported products. So they plan to promote the scheme that imported products apply for filing in China shall mark the expiration date on the products and shall submit corresponding dossiers to prove it. On the last question, sorry for the error, the complete statement is “It is prohibited to use plant name on the label if it does not appear in the ingredient list. It is required to submit a corresponding explanation to SAMR if the plant name is brand name and it appears on the label, but not appears in the ingredient list.”
    Friday, 15 June 2018
    clear, thanks very much!
    Tuesday, 19 June 2018