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China Blueprints 2019 Cosmetic Supervision Work Plan

  •   2 Feb 2019
  •    Winnie Xu
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    • Perfecting cosmetic regulatory mechanisms, strengthening regulatory capacity and cracking down on violations especially those involving addition of illegal substances and counterfeiting are China’s priority regulatory tasks.

    On Jan. 22 and Jan. 23, the national cosmetic supervision and administration work conference convened in Beijing, laying out the 2019 work scheme for China cosmetic sector with 6 key tasks, included:

    1. To further improve cosmetic regulatory system

    Promoted by the fact that the pending Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulation (CSAR) has gone through its last phase of development before promulgation, China authorities endeavor to accelerate the development of ancillary regulations in 2019.

    The proposed supporting rules and normative documents are as follows:

    CategoryTypeDocument Name
    Cosmetic Market Access ManagementAmendment/New Regulation
    • Administration Measures for Registration of Special Use Cosmetics
    • Administration Measures for Filing of Non-Special Use Cosmetics
    • Administration Measures for Registration and Filing of Cosmetic New Ingredients
    • Administration Measures for Cosmetic Label
    • Provisions for Management on Cosmetic Inspection
    Post-market SupervisionNew Regulation
    • Provisions for cosmetic GMP
    • Administrative Measures for Cosmetics Traded Online
    Ingredients StandardsAmendment
    Technical StandardsNew Regulation
    • Guidance on Cosmetic Safe Assessment
    • Guidance on Cosmetic Technical Review
    • Key Points for Technical Review of Cosmetic Filing

    2. To improve the filing management of non-special use cosmetics

    A corpus of prohibited claim terminology together with lists of prohibited/restricted ingredients will be established in the filing system to increase the efficiency of filing.

    Furthermore, China will reinforce supervision during and after the filing process as well as adopt a credit rating principle to manage filed enterprises. Enterprises found violating regulations will be issued with a negative rating and will be subject to much more stringent control.

    3. To optimize cosmetic review mechanism

    With regards to cosmetic review, the following targets will be pursued:

    • Build a team of specialized technical review experts;
    • Improve the management on cosmetic new ingredients based on their inherent risks;
    • Stress enterprises’ responsibilities e.g. the authority will assign the review of cosmetics administrative license renewal to enterprise;
    • Cancel the accreditation of cosmetics administrative licensing and filing testing institutions.

    4. To strengthen in-market and post-market supervision

    Cosmetic regulatory authorities at all levels are required to further strengthen the mechanism of random inspection and risk monitoring in accordance with the developed national supervision plan. The on-site inspection will be stepped up for incompliant cosmetics (illegal addition and counterfeiting) and enterprises found in inspection.

    5. To carry out the online-offline supervision nationwide

    In a move to standardize the online cosmetic market, China NMPA will cooperate with relevant departments including MIIT, the Ministry of Public Security and SAMR to jointly crack down on online cosmetics that are illegally produced or sold.

    6. To enhance the regulatory capacity, advance information sharing and strengthen public education in terms of cosmetic regulations and information helping safe consumption.

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