China Details Progress in Revision of Hygiene Supervision of Cosmetics Regulation 1989

  •   9 Mar 2018
  •    Jo Zhou


    During the 2018 People’s Congress Chinese authorities released the latest updates on amendments to “Regulations on Hygienic Supervision of Cosmetics 1989 (herein after referred as “Regulation”). The last movement in this space was the 2015 released of the draft revision.

    The 2015 revision draft caused huge controversy. Disagreement among relevant authorities also caused a delay in promulgation and enforcement. Main concerns revolved around cosmetic labeling requirements. To ensure the accuracy of product information, the draft stipulated heightened requirements for cosmetic labels including a new requirement that all imported cosmetics required integrated Chinese language labels (essentially banning the practice of affixing Chinese translated labels over existing English labels).

    The 2015 revision draft caused huge controversy...

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