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China Publicizes the First Notification of a New Cosmetic Ingredient

In late June this year, China publicized the first notification of a new cosmetic ingredient - N-acetylneuraminic acid (NANA), submitted from Wuhan Zhongke Optics Valley Green Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

The N-acetylneuraminic acid (NANA) is the major form of sialic acid in mammals (Acetylneuraminic Acid), traditionally contained in Edible bird's nest (EBN), and an expensive functional Asian health supplement.

For the notification, REACH24H has provided professional support to Wuhan Zhongke Optics Valley Green Biotechnology Co., Ltd., especially the safety assessment preparation of this new cosmetic ingredient. The technical team of REACH24H has engaged in over one month of research to determine the relevant safety assessment pathway and complete the formal report with the results from the assessment.

Although China’s new regulations have speeded up the notification process of low-risk ingredients, regulating that the notification is deemed as completed if the notification documents are submitted, the requirements for technical documents are not reduced. Companies are now required to take a more proactive approach with respect to the research and evaluation of ingredients and the preparation of dossiers. In addition, the three-year monitoring period for new cosmetic ingredients also requires companies to maintain a dynamic focus on the safety of ingredients. The reason why Wuhan Zhongke Optics Valley Green Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was able to be the first enterprise in China to complete the notification is also inseparable from REACH24H’s adequate product technology and safety research from an early stage.

Therefore, ChemLinked recommends that enterprises constantly check and remain up to date on the latest regulatory changes regarding the cosmetics or new cosmetic ingredients registration and notification requirements. For enterprises with cosmetic ingredients that face high technical requirements or where the company shows no previous experience in the application of new ingredients, ChemLinked suggests they seek help and support from professional third-party agents if necessary, to ensure their new cosmetic ingredients to enter into the Chinese market successfully.

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