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Japan Adjust Concentration Limit of Fluoride Used In Medicated Toothpaste

  •   13 Apr 2017
  •    Jo Zhou
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    The permitted maximum concentration of fluoride used in medicated toothpaste (except for liquid form) in Japan has been raised to 1500ppm (previously 1000ppm). Toothpaste with fluoride (concentration surpass 1000ppm and below 1500ppm) will be treated as a quasi drug.

    For toothpaste with more than 1000ppm concentration of fluoride, special claims should be attached on labels or containers. Claims include precaution for children and description of concentration, which will be outlined below.

    Precaution for children:

    The following claims should be stated on direct container or on the package. If there is no description space, the second one could be omitted.

    1. Refrain from use in children under 6 years old
    2. Keep it in a place out of reach of children under 6 years old.

    Description of concentration:

    The description of concentration should be stated on direct container or on the package. It can either be stated with the precaution for use in children or stated separately.

    Concentration of Fluoride Used in Toothpaste

    Claim As

    1000ppm to 1025ppm

    1000ppm or 0.100%

    1025ppm to 1075ppm

    1050ppm or 0.105%

    1075ppm to 1125ppm

    1100ppm or 0.110%

    1125ppm to 1175ppm

    1150ppm or 0.115%

    1175ppm to 1225ppm

    1200ppm or 0.120%

    1225ppm to 1275ppm

    1250ppm or 0.125%

    1275ppm to 1325ppm

    1300ppm or 0.130%

    1325ppm to 1375ppm

    1350ppm or 0.135%

    1375ppm to 1425ppm

    1400ppm or 0.140%

    1425ppm to 1475ppm

    1450ppm or 0.145%

    1475ppm to 1500ppm

    1500ppm or 0.150%


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    The clarity is quite good - Informative
    Tuesday, 2 May 2017