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Natural is the New Normal for Younger Us Beauty Shoppers

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While they regularly share makeup trends and tutorials on social media, particularly on Instagram and TikTok, for young US people — aka Gen Z — makeup isn’t, or is no longer, the top priority when it comes to beauty. In search of authenticity and naturalness, the younger generations are instead focusing their attention on skin care and clean beauty, according to a recent study by Klarna.

Forget masking imperfections under layers of foundation, concealer, highlighter and the likes; these days it’s all about looking for ways to keep skin in radiant health long term. While contouring techniques counted millions of followers not so long ago — especially among the young — new desires have emerged and the pandemic seems to have accelerated the trend. These days, the watchwords of cosmetics are authentic, natural, essential, reflecting a wider desire to embrace minimalist routines.

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