Shanghai CIQ released must-know for the inspection of cosmetics imported into China

  •   31 Jul 2012
  •    Echo Cao

    Under the guidance of Measures for the Administration of Imported and Exported Cosmetics Inspection and Quarantine Supervision (AQSIQ Order 143), Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (Shanghai CIQ) published the notice on inspection of cosmetics imported into China through Shanghai Port.

    The consignee of imported cosmetics must fulfill two main obligations:

    1. Record-keeping of the consignee himself; and
    2. Preparation and submission of required documents for the inspection of imported cosmetic products.

    Record-keeping of the consignee

    First step, the consignee shall prepare the following documents:

    1. business license;
    2. organization code;
    3. hygiene license document or record keeping certificate for cosmetics issued by SFDA;(no need for toothpaste, oral cavity and teeth detergent, toilet   bar, intermediate products)
    4. Imported Cosmetics Consignee Record Keeping Application Form
    5. Power of Attorney: A Chinese notarial certificate (with the authorized brand listed) that can prove the manufacture overseas authorizes the consignee of imported cosmetics to apply for inspection and quarantine.

    Second step, the consignee must submit the above documents to Shanghai Food and Drug Administration (Shanghai FDA) and obtain a registration number after review by Shanghai CIQ (address: 1218 Room, No.1208, Minsheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai).

    Third step, the consignee shall download a software and an operation manual, then install it and fill out the Cosmetics Importing Unit Record Keeping Form according to requirements in the manual. Then, the unit must send the form to for Shanghai FDA’s approval.

    If it turns out to be qualified, the applying unit will be recorded and entitled to apply for record keeping and inspection of the imported products.

    Documents for inspection of imported cosmetics

    For cosmetic finished products (including cosmetic finished products with/without sales packaging) imported into China through Shanghai Port for the first time, the applicant shall submit the following paper documents for inspection:

    1. product formula;
    2. hygiene license document or record keeping certificate approved by relevant authorities if necessary
    3. cosmetics exempted from the Chinese cosmetic hygiene license or record keeping application need the following documents:

      • Safety evaluation documents issued by the qualified institutions for substances of potential safety risks, including Imported Cosmetics Safety Commitment along with the copy of the Power of Attorney and Hazard Identification Table of Substances of Safety Risks in Cosmetics;
      • Certification documents that permit the production and sale of the imported cosmetics in the original country;
    4. cosmetics importing enterprise responsibility letter;
    5. product sample labels in Chinese and translated text of labels in original language;
    6. information on the product name, volume/weight, specifications, place of origin, just for cosmetic finished products without sales packaging only (except those granted with the record keeping number before 1 April, 2010 by SFDA).
    7. other documents asked by AQSIQ;
    8. inspection list;
    9. imported cosmetic products record keeping form (electronic edition);
    10. goods list (electronic edition).

    For cosmetic semi-finished products and intermediate products imported for the first time, the following paper documents are necessary:

    1. product formula;
    2. inspection list: semi-finished products and intermediate products shall be clearly indicated;
    3. imported cosmetics enterprise responsibility letter;
    4. goods list (electronic edition).

    If cosmetic products are not imported for the first time and already have record keeping certificates, only the inspection list and the responsibility letter are needed.

    Through inspection and quarantine, if the selected samples are in line with applied products and pass the label inspection, on-site check, sensory tests, safety and hygiene tests carried out by labs, Shanghai CIQ will issue a Certificate of Entry Inspection and Quarantine of Goods to the applying unit.

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     Measures for the Administration of Imported and Exported Cosmetics Inspection and Quarantine Supervision

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