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South Korea: 2021 Top 5 Cosmetic Regulatory Updates

ChemLinked compiled South Korea's most significant regulation updates in 2021. The highlights include: natural and organic cosmetic raw materials certification, online submission of "entry notice of imported products”, functional cosmetics evaluation, packaging materials, and the amendments in Cosmetic Act.

1. South Korea Introduces the Natural and Organic Cosmetic Raw Material Certification Mechanism

On January 29, 2021, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) introduced the raw material certification mechanism of natural and organic cosmetics. This new certification mechanism realized the natural and organic cosmetic accreditation by inspecting the raw materials instead of the final products. It reduces the preparation of the documents, which eases the industry's burden. 

The enterprises that manufacture, process, or handle the natural or organic materials, can apply for the certificates to the designated institutions. The institutions will then review the contents of the materials in the product and issue a certificate to the applicant when the products comply with the content standard. Take a look under the hood here.

2. South Korean Cosmetic Dossier Online Submission System

Each time before exporting cosmetics to South Korea, the enterprise should submit an "entry notice of imported products (표준통관예정보고서)" to KPTA (Korea Pharmaceutical Traders Association) and get an approval. Most dossiers for applying the approval were required to submit by mail.

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