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South Korea Cosmetic Category Amendments Enter into Effect on June 19

The cosmetics category list is moved from the Attached Table 3 of the Enforcement Rule of Cosmetics Act1 to the Regulation of Labelling Cosmetics Precautions for Use and Fragrance Allergens2. As the revised Regulation of Labelling Cosmetics Precautions for Use and Fragrance Allergens2 comes into effect on June 19, 2022, the new cosmetics category is to be implemented on the same day.

The amendments to the cosmetic categorizing are:

(1) Newly added:

  • hair treatment

  • hair pack

  • hair essence

  • nail oil

(2) Deleted:

  • perfume powder

  • perfume satchel

  • face cakes

  • talcum

(3) Name changed:

  • eyebrow pencil-> eyebrow product

Enterprises are suggested to pay attention to the amendments of cosmetic precautions and product code for entry notice3.

Check the complete list of cosmetic categories and precautions for each product on ChemLinked Cosmelists:

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