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Taiwan Encourages the Use of Alternatives for Safety Tests

  •   10 Feb 2015
  •    Angelita Hu
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    "Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare" has announced it will adjust the requirements for technical documents necessary for review of new compounds contained in medicated cosmetics. The motivation for this adjustment is to reduce the need for animal testing and work towards a cruelty free cosmetic regulatory framework. MOHW is attempting to align itself with the numerous scientifically substantiated viable alternatives to animal testing published by both the OECD and EU. This adjustment also meets the needs for global harmonization within the cosmetics industry and most importantly complies with article 15 of Taiwan Animal Protection Act, which is “Stakeholders should endeavor to avoid using live animals for scientific tests. If unavoidable, a reduction in the use of live animals is better; moreover, such tests must minimize animal suffering and pain”. In the announcement MOHW also encourages companies to prioritize the use of alternatives for safety tests.

    Requested attached technical documents:


    Scope of Documents

    New Ingredient

    New Usage

    New Limit (Improving Use Concentration)

    Origin and Discovery Process, Application Situation at Abroad

    Origin and Discovery Process

    Application Situation at Abroad

    Properties Comparison

    Physical and Chemical Properties, Testing Specification and Testing Methods

    Chemical Constitutional Formula



    Physical Constitutional Formula



    Testing Specification and Testing Methods

    Stability Testing

    Long-term Testing

    Stress Testing

    Accelerated Testing

    Safety Testing Reports

    Acute Toxicity Study

    Subacute Toxicity Study

    Chronic Toxicity Study

    Local Irritation Test

    Antigenicity Study


    *Mutagenicity Study



    *Carcinogenicity Study



    *Reproductive Toxicity Test



    Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion Tests Reports

    Absorption Test

    Distribution Test

    Metabolism Test

    Excretion Test

    Related Usage Documentation

    Function or Efficacy Certificate

    Human Trial Reports

    Approval Documentation from other countries


    means mandatory attached documentation; means to attach or not to attach depends on each individual case; X means there is no need to attach the documentation. * means test reports of preparations are exempt from attaching.

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