Taiwan to Implement Cosmetic Online Recording System

  •   7 Apr 2017
  •    Jo Zhou

    Take home:

    To support Taiwan’s newly revised “Statute for Control of Cosmetic Hygiene”, a new online record system has been developed. The TFDA has stated that recording information before marketing will be mandatory when the new “Statute” is officially published.

    The “Statute” draft stipulates that all cosmetics (general and medicated cosmetics) should file a record on the system before entering Taiwan’s markets and unrecorded cosmetic products will be prohibited from sale. Currently, the system is ready for enterprise to record their products, and the operation is free. When the “Statute” draft is approved and officially published, the online record system will become mandatory and fees for record filing will be charged. We encourage stakeholders to record product information before the “Statute” is promulgated.

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