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What Facial Mask Consumption Trends Reveal About China’s Gen Z?

China’s Gen Z consumers (95-2010) were raised during a time of unprecedented prosperity, rapid economic growth and increased disposable income. As digital natives, they love products promoted by KOLs and love sharing their experiences online. Offsetting the negative influences of late nights on the condition and appearance of their skin is also a major driver of consumer preference amongst Gen Z consumers.

According to a survey report released by Kantar and QQ (a social media platform made by Tencent), the generation Z demographic in China is about 149 million strong. It is expected that Gen Z will contribute 40% of total consumption in China by 2020. Their monthly disposable income is about 3501 Yuan ($491). Also, the data shows that they are truly digital natives. 64% of this generation use e-commerce platforms every day while 10% of them make orders online every day [1]. In a sentence generation Z is a generation who have money and are willing to pay for things they like.

So, what do they like and can facial mask consumption trends reveal anything about the purchasing preferences of this key demographic?

They want products to be useful but also fun
Besides moisturizing as a basic requirement for facial masks, generation Z also prefer facial masks with interesting functions and packages. Bubble masks are popular in China at present. It is a kind of facial mask which will generate bubbles when used on the face. Alibaba data shows the bubble mask launched by PROYA sold out in July, selling over 60 million RMB ($84 million) worth of products and was also the most popular beauty product on the Tiktok platform (The top vlog platform in China, known here as Douyin) [2]. Other brands are also competing for market share in the bubble mask sector such as Algologie (A new French brand) and WIS.

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