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  • China to Improve the Quality of Cosmetics Used by Beauty and Hair Salons

      Official Release   14 Jan 2013   Echo Cao

    In order to enhance the quality and safety of cosmetics used by beauty & hair salons nationwide, China SFDA on 8 Jan 2013 started to consult on a draft guidance for food and drug departments to carry out daily supervision on the beauty shops,...
  • SFDA Plans to Set up A Comprehensive Info System to Monitor Cosmetic Manufacturers

      Official Release   10 Jan 2013   Echo Cao

    As we embark on the 2013, the Dept. of Health Food and Cosmetics Supervision under the SFDA is seeking public comments on the need to establish a comprehensive supervisory information system to effectively monitor cosmetic manufacturers.
  • Strict-ever Limits for Pb/As in Cosmetics in China

      Official Release   24 Dec 2012   Echo Cao

    The updated Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics 2007, renamed as Technical Standard for Safety of Cosmetics, has reduced the maximum allowable quantity of Pb and As from 40mg/kg and 10mg/kg to 10mg/kg and 4mg/kg, respectively, which means the government will...
  • SFDA Approves Phenylethyl Resorcinol as Cosmetics Ingredient

      Official Release   14 Dec 2012   Echo Cao

    On 5 Dec 2012, China's SFDA announced to approve Phenylethyl Resorcinol as cosmetics ingredient after the consultation of almost four months (Chemlinked news on 8 Aug).
  • China SFDA Updates the Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics

      Official Release   7 Dec 2012   Echo Cao

    Revised from Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics 2007, the Technical Safety Standard for Cosmetics is under public consultation until 15 Dec 2012.
  • Test Methods for Prohibited or Restricted Substances in Cosmetics

      Official Release   6 Dec 2012   Echo Cao

    On 20 Nov 2012, the SFDA is seeking public comments on test methods for certain prohibited or restricted cosmetic ingredients,including 10 colorants and 7 hair dyes, listed in the Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics (2007), which has been revised and...
  • SFDA to Simplify Procedures for Name or Address Changes of Cosmetics Producers

      Official Release   15 Nov 2012   Echo Cao

    On Nov 7, 2012, SFDA released a notice to allow cosmetic manufacturers to apply for one-time modification of their companies’ names or addresses in cosmetic licenses on condition that manufacturing sites remain unchanged. The notice will take effect as of Feb 1, 2013.
  • A New Conclusion of SFDA’s Technical Review on Cosmetics is introduced

      Official Release   14 Nov 2012   Echo Cao

    On 6 Nov, 2012, SFDA published a notice to add a new conclusion of technical review on cosmetics, which will enter into force as of 1 Jan 2013. According to the article 17,18,19 in Key Points for Technical Review of Cosmetics, three possible conclusions will be made.
  • Unqualified Labeling Hinders the Importation of Some Cosmetic Products

      Others   13 Nov 2012   Echo Cao

    Every month, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) releases an excel concerning the unqualified imported food and cosmetics, in which information on HS Code, the product name, the place of origin, the...
  • SFDA to Approve another 4 Testing Institutions for Cosmetics

      Official Release   29 Oct 2012   Echo Cao

    The SFDA-approved testing institutions are accountable to undertake tests for cosmetic products/new ingredients and issue testing reports for companies applying for cosmetic administrative licensing in China.