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2019 China Cosmetic Industry Recap & Forecast

2019 China Cosmetic Industry Recap & Forecast

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Basic Information
  • Author:Ye Chen
  • Pages:52
    Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
  • Publish Date:Dec 30, 2019
    Last Updated On:Dec 30, 2019

2019 was an eventful year in China's cosmetic sector, during which we witnessed many essential market changes. The Single’s day sales record was broken once again, and four cosmetic companies joined the billionaires club by recording over 1 billion RMB in sales in the 24 hours of November 11th, 2019. We witnessed the continued rise of domestic enterprise Perfect Diary, who once again exceeded all expectations and managed to outperform many of its international rivals in key segments. On a broader note, we witnessed the continued evolution of China's digital ecosystem and the development and adoption of innovative retail and marketing strategies that continue to drive sales, engagement, and shape consumer preference. The male cosmetics segment continues to boom, and other segments like beauty devices, customized cosmetics, and clean label products are living up to the optimistic forecasts which predict major growth in these sectors over the coming years. It was an exciting year for China’s cosmetic industry. This report recaps China's cosmetic industry 2019 and forecasts the trends next year. It details the top ten major market events in 2019, a detailed analysis of the market data, and, most importantly, insights from the analysts and technical experts here at ChemLinked.


1. Market overview

  • Data on retail sales 

  • Data on imported cosmetics

  • Statistics on key cosmetic segments

2. TOP10 highlights

  • The most popular imported cosmetic brand

  • The most popular domestic cosmetic brand

  • The best marketing brand

  • The most promising product

  • The most popular product in male cosmetic segment

  • The innovative product

  • Cosmetic function driving growth

  • Buzzword driving growth

  • Key beauty tech

  • Innovative marketing and retail strategy

3. Suggestions

  • Consumers

  • Product 

  • Marketing strategies