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Indonesian Cosmetics Regulatory Compliance and Import Requirements

Nurmia Agustina
Wednesday , 21st Aug 2019
PT. Cekindo Bisnis Grup

As the 4th largest nation in terms of population and boasting a rapidly expanding middle class, Indonesia undoubtedly offers lucrative investment potentials for the global cosmetic sector. According to the data of Shopee, cosmetics and personal care products demand account for the 3rd place in Indonesia's hot-selling products. In the women's shopping list, cosmetics and personal care products demand are the second shopping demand. In recent years, Indonesia's cosmetics market has grown at an annual rate of about 10%, which is the highest growth rate in Southeast Asia. According to the global statistics of Informa Beauty Exhibition, it is expected that the Indonesian cosmetics market will grow rapidly at a rate of 11.9% in the next 3 years. This rise to prominence of Indonesia's cosmetic sector will present more business opportunities for many other cosmetic brands.

In this webinar, Ms. Nurmia Agustina, the Director from Cekindo, will firstly analyze Indonesian cosmetic market, then specify the cosmetic regulatory framework, requirements on products and import enterprises in Indonesia and finally detail the halal cosmetics certification regulations.


1. Analysis of Indonesian Cosmetics Market

2. Regulatory Framework and Competent Authority
2.1 Existing Main Cosmetic Regulations
2.2 Competent Authority 

3. Cosmetics Products Requirements
3.1 Definition
3.2 Classification
3.3 Registration
3.4 Labeling & Claims & Advertisements requirements
4. How to Export Cosmetics to Indonesia
4.1 Import requirements
4.2 Advice for importers

5. Halal Cosmetics
5.1 Halal regulations with deadline this October
5.2. Halal products registration & requirements

*To have a better chance of your questions being addressed during the webinar, you’re welcome to email us the questions before the webinar.


Nurmia Agustina  Director at Cekindo

Nurmia Dwi Agustina oversees the activities on the Market Entry Strategy, Legal Incorporation, Licenses, and Compliance of Indonesian entities. With her business strategy and goals, she emphasizes on values driven solutions for our clients, which have grown substantially with long term partnership.

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