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China Opens 2 More Cosmetic Testing Methods to Public Consultation

  •   1 Mar 2018
  •    Jo Zhou
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    China released 2 more cosmetic testing methods standardizing new requirements to test for hormones and α-hydroxyl acid in cosmetic products. The drafts are currently undergoing public consultation.

    "General method to test for hormone in cosmetic" is used to screen hormone ingredients in products types such as cream, lotion, mask, gel, liquid, oil, etc. and determine the quality and quantity. In cosmetics, two types of hormone: glucocorticosteroid and sex hormone are frequently used. The method uses High Performance Liquid Chromatography- Mass Spectrography (HPLC-MS) which can test for both. Besides, the draft also provides other testing methods for other possible hormones.

    "Ten types of α-hydroxyl acid testing methods" is to test the content of the following ten types of α-hydroxyl acid in cosmetics by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC):

    Ten types of α-hydroxyl acid

    glucuronic acid

    tartaric acid

    glycolic acid

    malic acid

    lactic acid

    citric acid

    2-hydroxybutyric acid

    mandelic acid

    benzilic acid

    hydroxyoctanoic acid

    Original documentations of drafts are uploaded on our database. You may refer to "General Method to Test Hormone in Cosmetic" and "Ten Types of α-Hydroxyl Acid Testing Methods".

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