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China Reduces Quarantine and Inspection Ratio by 10%, Benefit for Cosmetic Importation

  •   2 Nov 2017
  •    Jo Zhou
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    China AQSIQ released the new "Administrative Provisions on Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Procedures", stipulating a new risk based method using both port and laboratory inspections which will reduce the quarantine and inspection ratio (the number of batches of goods that are inspected per imported consignment) by 10% and benefit the importation of cosmetics.

    The newly released "Administrative Provisions on Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Procedures" were implemented on Nov.1st 2017. It implements a new risk assessment system to randomly inspect and quarantine the imported goods, which means imported goods including cosmetics confront less possibility being inspected before entering China market. It is estimated the ratio of quarantine and inspection will be reduced by 10%.

    Based on the risk level of the consignment and the enterprises credibility (based on a history of problem free importation- blacklisted companies will subject to an increased inspection ratio), the AQSIQ will set a corresponding ratio for both port inspection and laboratory inspection. Cosmetics which haven't been sampled can be imported with just compliant documentation (including but not limited to the qualified assessment procedures such as evaluation, verification and guarantee of compliance with registration and approval requirements). For normal sampled cosmetics, they have to undergo both on-site and lab inspection & quarantine. In certain instances the inspection ratio can actually be increased up to 100% for example in the following 2 instances:

    a) A product fails inspection, or its risk level is raised

    b) The importer/manufacturer's credibility level is under Level C

    Another significant change for importers is the promotion of paperless technologies for the whole administrative process which should significantly expedite clearance and ultimately facilitate market access. There are some other changes in the new "Administrative Provisions on Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Procedures" which can be analyzed in the translated version provided by Chemlinked.

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