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CSAR Subsidiary Regulations: China Releases the Draft Cosmetic Classification Rules and Catalog

The classification of cosmetics in China will be refined into 5 categories and will adopt a coding system going forward. The draft lists 28 efficacy claims, 13 application areas, 14 dosage forms, 3 types of target users and 2 application methods to determine the classification of cosmetics.

On July 29, China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) issued the draft Cosmetic Classification Rules and Catalog for public consultation [1], which is one of the significant subsidiary regulations of China’s Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulation (CSAR) and the revised version of the previous draft Cosmetic Classification Standard [2]. The consultation period will last until August 30, 2020. Stakeholders with any suggestions or opinions can send back to NMPA by mail at

Encompassing 12 articles and 5 coding catalogs, the new draft stipulates that the classification of cosmetics will be refined into 5 categories and will adopt a coding system going forward. Specifically, the five categories are:

5 Layers


Range of Codes

1st layer

Efficacy Claims

Includes 28 kinds of claims such as cleansing, makeup removing, moisturizing, beauty modifying, hair styling,   sunscreen, deodorant, hair removal, etc.

01-28, A*

2nd layer:

Application Areas

Includes 13 parts such as hair, scalp, body skin, face, eyes, underarms, etc.

01-13, B*

3rd layer

Dosage Forms

Includes 14 categories such as creams, emulsions, water aquas, gels, powders or solids, pastes, aerosols, etc.

01-14, C*

4th layer

Target Users

Includes 3 categories, namely ordinary people, infants (between birth and the age of 3), and children (aged between 3 and 12).

01-03, D*

5th layer

Application Methods

Rinse-off and leave-on categories

01, 02


  1. "*": In any of the first four layers, products outside the prescribed sub-categories will fall under a separate class, be coded by letters and managed as special cosmetics. 

  2. For the specific coding catalogs, please refer to our upcoming English translation (It is in urgent translation and the English Version will be uploaded these days).

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