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Indonesia Consults on the Draft Regulation for Perfume Refill

This regulation stipulates the requirements for perfume refill, including factory design, manufacturing facility, ingredients, packaging materials, environmental sanitation, storage conditions, document, labeling, supervision and inspection, as well as non-compliance penalties.


Perfume refill: It is a perfume preparation made directly at the manufacturing facility by mixing fragrance concentrates with solvents in certain compositions according to consumer’s demand.

Perfume refills are widely sold in Indonesia, but products that fail to meet safety and quality requirements pose health risks to consumers. To ensure the public's safety when using perfume refills, on Sep. 2, 2022, Indonesia BPOM released the draft Regulation Concerning the Control of Perfume Refill for public consultation. 1

According to the regulation, perfume refill manufacturers are required to guarantee and ensure the manufactured products meet quality and safety standards, that is, Technical Requirements for Cosmetics Ingredients, and the detailed requirements for the following six aspects in Guideline for Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice.

1) Factory design and manufacturing facilities;

2) Ingredients and packaging materials;

3) Environmental sanitation;

4) Storage conditions;

5) Documentation;

6) Labeling.

The key points are as follows:


When manufacturing perfume refills, permitted ingredients include:

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