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Korea Cosmetic Safety Standard Implementation Grace Period Ended

  •   5 Jun 2018
  •    Hedy He
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    The grace period of Korea Cosmetic Safety Standard ended on May 30, 2018.

    Several types of quasi-drugs were newly designated as functional cosmetics in H1 2017. Due to the expansion of functional cosmetic scope, MFDS amended "Cosmetic Safety Standard" which regulates ingredient usage in all cosmetics. A grace period of 1 year was granted to allow industry to prepare for new compliance requirements. Those cosmetic manufacturers and importers that have been approved in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, have submitted applications for approval and have completed the manufacture or import of cosmetics before the release of the amendment can still manufacture and import according to the old Cosmetic Safety Standard before May 30, 2018. From now on, all the cosmetic manufacturers, importers and distributors shall comply with the revised Cosmetic Safety Standard.

    Stakeholders that require a summary of Korea ingredients requirement changes in Cosmetic Safety Standard can refer to CL news and Chemlinked also uploaded the original document of "Cosmetic Safety Standard" to the database.

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