Korea to Set Up Natural/Organic Cosmetic Certification System

  •   21 Aug 2017
  •    Jo Zhou


    To meet new market demand and reinforce management of personalized cosmetics such as natural/organic cosmetics, Korea’s MFDS is proposing to set up a Natural/Organic Cosmetic Certification System to better regulate these new categories.

    1. Definition of personalized cosmetics and distributor qualification

    Personalized cosmetics are defined as products with a customized formula or made by adding specific ingredients predesignated by MFDS. Natural/organic cosmetics fall within the scope of personalized cosmetics. The overarching regulation in Korea, the “Cosmetic Act” defines organic cosmetics as products composed of 95% organic raw materials (derived from animals or plants) except for water and salt. The draft of this system introduces the new concept of personalized cosmetics distributors. Only distributors that notify with MFDS as personalized cosmetic distributors can operate personalized cosmetics including natural/organic cosmetics.

    1. Natural/ Organic Cosmetic Certification System

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