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China's Regulations on Implementation of Consumer Rights Protection Law: A Cosmetics Industry Perspective

Chinese Premier Li Qiang signed a decree of the State Council, unveiling the refined Regulations for the Implementation of the Nation's Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests (hereafter referred as “Regulations”). 1 Effective on July 1, 2024, the Regulations made detailed provisions on business operators' obligations, including the protection of consumers' personal and property safety, the handling of defective products, the avoidance of fraudulent advertisement, price transparency, quality guarantee, the protection of consumers' personal information, as well as the safeguard of rights and interests of the elderly and minors as consumers.

The Regulations also covers online consumption, requiring businesses to provide goods/services as agreed with consumers; standardizes consumer complaint and compensation procedures, prohibiting the use of consumer compliant for improper gain or market disruption. In addition, governments are tasked with strengthening guidance, supervision, and enforcement to promptly address violations of consumer rights. Besides, the Regulations specifies the duties of consumer associations.

图片-1.gifThe main areas of concern for cosmetics operators are summarized as follows:

1. Cosmetic Gifts Compliance

The Regulations stipulates that gifts, in addition to general products and services, must also meet safety requirements.

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