Tips for Cosmetic Enterprises to Fulfill Taiwanese Mandatory Record Filing Obligations

  •   19 Apr 2017
  •    Jo Zhou


    • To record cosmetics online before selling will be mandatory when the new “Statute for Control of Cosmetic Hygiene” is officially published (See news on: CL). Here Chemlinked offers an exclusive Q&A and will offer guidance on the most frequently asked questions.
    • Enterprises will be required to fill out 6 items: products basic information, responsible person, related manufacturer, product package information and record statement.

    On product basic information:

    Q: For “foreign name” of the product, can I enter another language apart from English? What if the product doesn’t have a foreign name?

    A: The “foreign name” could be in another language, but it’s better to use English. Currently the blank of “foreign name” is mandatory; product without foreign name should put “NA” or type Chinese name again into this blank.

    Q: What does “series of product” mean in “product type” item?

    A: “Series of product” here means cosmetics in the same series, they share same formula, same form and functions, and only differ in colorants or perfumes, e.g. the same series of lipsticks has different colors.

    Q: There is no option of “mask” to select in “product type”, how can I fill out the blank of “product type”?

    A: There is no option of “mask” category to select, because “mask” is not a category in Taiwanese cosmetic classification. The “mask” will be supplemented to classifications in the new “Statute” in the future. Currently, enterprises of “mask” product can choose “lotion” similar to “essence “ products, because normally masks contain essence to protect skin.

    Q: Can a travel package be recorded as one product on the system?

    A: No, travel package cannot be regarded as one product. Any single product in the package, such as shampoo, shower gel and face wash should be recorded online individually. Additionally, any products sold in packages (e.g. mask and lotion) should be recorded individually.

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