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  • GAC to Launch Trial of Expedited Customs Clearance System

      Official Release   7 Aug 2019   Anne Peng

    China will roll out a new expedited customs clearance system based on a 2-step process in which goods can be quickly cleared after approval of basic customs declaration documents. 
  • Solid Soaps Exempt from Customized Cosmetics Sales Registration in South Korea

      Official Release   6 Aug 2019   Hedy He

    Solid soaps repackaged in small quantities and other cosmetics designated by Prime Ministerial Decree, can be sold without customized cosmetics sales registration...
  • South Korean Updates Cosmetics Testing Guidelines

      Official Release   6 Aug 2019   Hedy He

    MFDS released a Guideline on the In Vitro Skin Sensitization: ARE-Nrf2 Luciferase Test Method. Guideline for Cosmetic Ingredient Analysis is to be amended. Analytical methods for 6 preservatives and a UV filter...
  • Taiwan Releases New Draft of List of Preservatives in Cosmetic Products

      Official Release   6 Aug 2019   Ye Chen

    On 31st July 2019, Taiwan Food and Drug Administration released a new draft version of List of Preservatives in Cosmetic Products regulating use of preservatives, dosage limits and labeling rules.
  • South Korea Implements Amended Natural and Organic Cosmetics Standard

      Official Release   5 Aug 2019   Hedy He

    The definitions of ingredients from organic source, natural ingredients and ingredients from natural source are specified. The calculation method of natural and organic ingredients proportions is...
  • Tmall to Launch Flagship Store 2.0 Upgrade Program

      Industry News   1 Aug 2019   Hedy He

    Tmall will upgrade its flagship stores before Nov. 11th, 2019. The new stores will leverage technological advancements including 5G, big data, AI and AR to offer consumers an immersive retail experience that adapts to individual changes in consumer preference over time...
  • Japan Cosmetic Regulatory Updates: January to July 2019

      Official Release   1 Aug 2019   Winnie Xu

    Japan made several amendments to its cosmetic’s regulatory framework in the first 7 months of 2019...
  • South Korea to Amend Cosmetic Safety Standard

      Official Release   29 Jul 2019   Hedy He

    Prohibited ingredients are newly added and the limitation on restricted ingredients are more stringent 2 preservatives are prohibited to use in cosmetics for children under 13 years old 7 ingredients that are allowed...
  • NMPA Cancels Three Kinds of Certified Documents for Cosmetics

      Official Release   26 Jul 2019   Ye Chen

    China’s National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) has cancelled 16 kinds of certified documents previously required to comply with cosmetics, medical products and medical device requirements.
  • 27 Batches of Cosmetics Rejected by China Customs in Q2 2019

      Official Release   24 Jul 2019   Winnie Xu

    Inconsistencies between the results of testing and/or cosmetic inspection and the corresponding certificates supplied by importers were the main reason for imported cosmetics being rejected by GAC during customs inspection at Chinese...