China Children Cosmetics Regulations

  •   8 Sep 2016
  •    Angelita Hu

    In China Children cosmetics refer to cosmetics produced specifically for children from age 0-12 years old (including infants). The majority of children cosmetics are classified as non-special use cosmetics except for sunscreens which are special use cosmetics. Some functional products such as whitening products, hair dyes are usually not approved as children cosmetics.

    Like adult cosmetics, children cosmetics sold in China must be notified or registered according to the “Provisions on Cosmetics Administrative License Application” and “Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics” (click here to see the required dossiers). For the purpose of standardizing the notification/registration and technical review for children cosmetics, CFDA released “Guidance on Application and Review of Children's Cosmetics” on Oct 12 2012. It outlines that the following documents are additionally required for children cosmetics:

    • Document on formula design principles (including the formula overall analysis report)
    • Document on ingredients selection principles and related requirements
    • Documents of processing techniques and quality control


    The design of children products formula must follow certain principles:

    1. The number of categories of ingredients adopted should be kept to a minimum level.
    2. The use of fragrance, colorant, preservative and surfactant shall be restricted as