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Korean Cosmetic Safety Standard Transitional Measures End

  •   12 Jun 2018
  •    Hedy He
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    The grace period of Korea Cosmetic Safety Standard ended on May 30, 2018 (See CL news). Cosmetic enterprises shall avoid importing or manufacturing products that violate the following provisions:

    • Starting from May 31, 2018, the products approved as quasi-drugs according to the original Pharmaceutical Affairs Law are not allowed to be manufactured or imported if the main ingredients or other ingredients are prohibited or exceed the limitations outlined in the revised Cosmetic Safety Standard.
    • Starting from May 31, 2018, the products with imported or manufactured history may not contain the following ingredients:
    1. Dutasteride, its salts and derivatives
    2. Bimatoprost, its salts and derivatives
    3. Sennoside
    4. Adapalene
    5. Ibuprofen piconol, its salts and derivatives
    6. Tacrolimus, its salts and derivatives
    7. Finasteride, its salts and derivatives
    8. 6-(1-pyrrolidinyl)-2,4-pyrimidinediamine-3-oxide (pyrrolidinyldiaminopyrimidine oxide)
    9. Pimecrolimus, salts thereof and derivatives
    10. 1,7-heptanedicarboxylic acid (azelaic acid), its salts and derivatives
    11. Pig lung extract
    • Transitional measures for products that have already been manufactured or imported will end on May 30, 2019.

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