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Taiwan to Regulate the Certification of Cosmetic Testing Agencies and Entrusted Agencies

  •   8 Aug 2019
  •    Ye Chen
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    On 5th August 2019, Taiwan FDA released Regulations Governing Cosmetic Testing Agency Certification and Entrusted Agency Certification.

    This regulation is mainly about the certification of two kinds of agencies. One kind is cosmetic testing agencies. The other kind is entrusted agencies which are entrusted by the central competent authority to certify whether cosmetic testing agencies are qualified to do cosmetic testing.

    Here is the main content in this regulation:

    Cosmetic testing agencies

    1. Certification conditions
    • Have own laboratory with necessary equipment, space and a qualified management system; and can test cosmetic products independently.
    • Have staff with relevent degrees and working experience.
    1. Documents required when applying for the certificate
    2. The time limit to resubmit documents if there is something wrong with the materials submitted at the first time
    3. The central competent authority will review all the documents and conduct on-site inspection.
    4. The content shown on the certificate
    5. The validity of the certificates and extension instructions
    6. What to do if the information on the certificate change.
    7. The standard procedure to follow when testing cosmetic products
    8. Periodic inspection conducted by the central competent authority
    9. What to do if there are serious cosmetic incidents
    10. Under which circumstances the certificate will be cancelled
    11. Other rules

    Entrusted agencies

    1. The central competent authority should adopt a public selection method to pick other organs (organizations), legal persons or groups to do the certification work.
    2. Conditions to be a entrusted agency
    • Have experience to certify cosmetic testing agencies and can prove it
    • Hire qualified employees
    • Other conditions required by the central competent authority
    1. Entrusted agencies should build a management system coinciding with the regulated operation procedure and write these down in a handbook. This handbook should be checked regularly and updated in time.
    2. The executive staff from entrusted agencies should take training lessons for over 12 hours every year. The lessons should include check techniques, test knowledge and related laws and regulations.
    3. The storage of relevant materials.
    4. What Entrusted agencies should do when the central competent authority is conducting untimely inspection
    5. Under which circumstances the certificate will be cancelled
    6. Other rules

    If you want more details about this regulation, please feel free to contact us (cosmetic@chemlinked.com) for a translated version.

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