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New Zealand Consults on the Revised Cosmetic Products Group Standard 2020, a Blanket Ban on PFAS Included

The new draft expands its applicable scope to non-hazardous products containing hazardous ingredients, updates the ingredient lists to align with the latest amendments adopted by EU, modifies labelling requirements, and requires the record keeping of nanomaterial.

On March 2, 2023, New Zealand's Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) released a new draft of Cosmetic Products Group Standard 2020 (the Standard) for public consultation. The draft incorporates the latest international standards to achieve more effective management of hazardous substances, and thus to better protect the environment and the health and safety of people. All concerned stakeholders can provide information and make comments to EPA until May 31, 2023.1

Expanding the Applicable Scope of the Standard

Currently, the Standard only applies to substances imported or manufactured for use as a cosmetic product, which are classified as hazardous according to the hazard classification criteria in the Hazardous Substances (Hazard Classification) Notice 2020. On this basis, the draft proposes that in the future, products, which are not classified as hazardous but contain hazardous ingredients, shall also comply with the Standard.

In line with this amendment, the draft further clarifies that the Standard covers both flammable and non-flammable (but otherwise hazardous) aerosol cosmetic products, and non-hazardous aerosol cosmetic products that contain hazardous components. Non-hazardous aerosol cosmetic products that do not contain any hazardous component are not covered by the Standard.

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